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List of 2008 publications


Michael Eberhardt, Siegfried Roth, and Andreas König.  “Industrial Application of Machine-In-the-Loop-Learning for a Medical Robot Vision System - Concept and Comprehensive Field Study.” In special issue on Advances on Computer-based Biological Signal Processing, of the Journal Computers and Electrical Engineering(CEE), Elsevier, 2008.

Andreas König, “Automated and Holistic Design of Intelligent and Distributed Integrated Sensor Systems with Self-x Properties for Applications in Vision, Robotics, Smart Environments, and Culinary Assistance Systems.” Invited Talk, Int. Conf. on Neural Information Processing of the Asia-Pacific Neural Network Assembly (ICONIP'08),Book of Abstracts, pp. 69-70, November 25-28, Auckland, New Zealand, 2008

K. Iswandy and A. König. (2008) Fault-Tolerant Nearest Neighbor Classifier Based on Reconfiguration of Analog Hardware in Low Power Intelligent Sensor Systems. In Proc. of Online World Conference on Soft Computing in Industrial Applications WSC 2008

K. Iswandy and A. König. (2008). A Novel Adaptive Resource-Aware PNN Algorithm Based on Michigan-Nested Pittsburgh PSO. Int. Conf. on Neural Information Processing of the Asia-Pacific Neural Network Assembly (ICONIP'08), November 25-28, Auckland, New Zealand, 2008, Book of Abstracts, pp. 466-467

K. Iswandy and A. König. (2008) PSO for Fault-Tolerant Nearest Neighbor Classification Employing Reconfigurable, Analog Hardware Implementation in Low Power IntelligentSensor Systems. Proc. of Int. Conf. on Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS'08), pp. 380-385

S.K. Lakshmanan and A. König. “Dynamically Reconfigurable Sensor Signal Electronics to Compensate Imperfections.” In Handouts of 10. Workshop ''Integrierte Analog-schaltungen'', 10.-11. März, TU Berlin, 2008.

S.K. Lakshmanan and A. König. “Towards a Generic Electronics Front End Chip Employing reconfigurable CMOS Analog Arrays.” In Proc. of Dresdner Arbeitstagung Schaltungs- und Systementwurf (DASS'2008), Workshop Entwurf Integrierter Schaltungen (WEIS'2008) ', pp. 125-130, 15.-16. Mai, TU Dresden, 2008. (Please note, that the paper was updated and resubmitted, but the final version was accidently not included in the proceedings. The final version can be downloaded from the link given above.)


Non-Scientific Publications:

König, A. Exkursion zur ''SENSOR + TEST 2008''. In Unispectrum, Ausgabe 3, Juli, S.44, 2008

König, A. Forschungsbezogene Lehre zum Entwurf integrierter Sensorsysteme. In Unispectrum, Ausgabe 4, November, 2008