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Student Theses




Student Theses

Doctoral Theses:

Candidates interested in pursuing a PhD at the Institute of Cognitive Integrated Sensor Systems are welcome to send their request by E-Mail to Students already having obtained a PhD-grant in the field of our research can be accepted at any time on personal arrangement.


Topics for Studien-, Diploma- and Master Theses, as well as in the near future Bachelor theses, will be defined and handed-out in the context of the research activities of the Institute of Cognitive Integrated Sensor Systems. For an effective contribution to this research, as prerequisite knowledge and experience either in electronics and sensor technology (e.g. PSPICE, EAGLE, Cadence DFW II, SoftMEMS-Explorer) or algorithms and programming (C/C++, Matlab, WIndows/UNIX/LINUX) is required. Further, successful participation in either the courses TESYS and HEIS or Sensorsignalverarbeitung and Neurocomputing complementing the basics of Elektronik I/II and Messtechnik I/II or equivalent knowledge and abilities is a required. A small selection of topics can be found here:


Additional topics can be provided in the context of current research activities at ISE or on personal arrangement with regard to the students particular requirements and interests. For further information and explanation of remaining German web pages, please come to the consultation time (Every Monday during the lecture period, 13:00-14:00, at 12/453)  or send an E-Mail to

We offer also support in our field of research with arrangement and supervision of external theses work in industry or at one of our partners at universities in, e.g., Japan or New Zealand.  Further information can be obtained at the above given consultation time or by E-Mail to


Concluded Theses :

*These theses have been supervised at Dozentur Elektronische Bauelemente, TU Dresden, from 1997 to 2002 and at FG Mikroelektronische Systeme, TU Darmstadt, from 1990 to 1995.