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Prof. Gerhard Fohler receives the ECRTS Outstanding Achievement Award

Prof. Gerhard Fohler with the ECRTS Outstanding Achievements Award / Photo: private

Prof. Fohler received the ECRTS outstanding achievements award from the Euromicro Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems, for two decades of leadership and services to the conference and the real-time community in general.
It is the first time this award was given.

In 1998, what is now ECRTS used to be a workshop which was about to vanish, when Gerhard Fohler took over as the organizing person and scientific lead behind Euromicro’s real-time systems effort. In the years since then, he has turned the workshop into a leading top tier quality conference. He was the driving force behind introducing and implementing many innovations that have since been adopted by many other conferences.

The department congratulates Prof. Fohler for this achievement!

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