Division of Wireless Communications and Radio Positioning (WICON)

Einfürung in die Medientechnik

The Online-Course "Einführung in die Medientechnik" will consist of detailed exercises which will be published via the eteaching platform OpenOlat in the Format of PDF Files. The exercises will be published one by one beginning from 22.04.20.

Solutions will be published through the same means the week after at which point a Q&A session will be held via the OpenOlat platform.

To send you the access credentials for OpenOlat please subscribe to the course via the KIS System. The appropriate entry shall be accessible be from 21.04.20.

The Tuesday lecture date is unused as of yet (so no lecture at 21.04.20) but is formally kept in case any additional need for comunication arises. We will inform you if and when we make use of that date.

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