Division of Wireless Communications and Radio Positioning (WICON)

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EIT-FUN-400-V-6 "5G Mobile Systems and Internet of Things" provides a systematic introduction to 5G, what 5G-ACIA is doing, IoT and of course the latest trends towards 6G. 

Detailed course information and material available on the OpenOlat online course

Video clips for lectures 10-12 are available below, to correctly unzip them please make sure to download all 15 files (one main zip file and 14 volumes) with the default file names. Collect them all in the same folder and then open the main zip file (videos10-12.zip).

If your browser has problem with the download of the volume files, opening them in new tabs and displaying garbled characters, please use "save as" by right-clicking on the links.

main zip file

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