Real-Time Systems

Publications 2014


  • Mitra Nasri, Sanjoy Baruah, Gerhard Fohler, Mehdi Kargahi, On the Optimality of EDF and RM for Non-preemptive Real-Time Harmonic Tasks, Real-Time Network and Systems (RTNS), ACM Publisher, pag. 331-340, October 2014.

  • Mitra Nasri, Gerhard Fohler, Mehdi Kargahi, A Framework to Construct Customized Harmonic Periods for Real-Time Systems, Euromicro Conference on Real-time Systems (ECRTS), July 2014.

  • Rodrigo Ferreira Coelho, Gerhard Fohler, Jean-Luc Scharbarg, Worst-case backlog for AFDX network with n-priorities, 13th Workshop on Real-time Networks (RTN’14) in conjuction with 26th Euromicro International Conference on Real-time Systems (ECRTS’14), July 2014.

  • Mitra Nasri, Gerhard Fohler, Nafiseh Moti, Guaranteeing Schedulability of Splittable Hard Real-Time Tasks for Non-Preemptible Devices, Work-in-Progress Proceedings of Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (WiP-ECRTS), pag. 1-4, July 2014.


  • Ankit Agrawal, Gerhard Fohler, Evaluation of Offline Scheduling in Multi-core System, TR 2014, July 2014.


  • Ankit Agrawal, Gerhard Fohler, Offline Scheduling Algorithms for DHRTS , DREAMS EU Project - Public Deliverable, D4.1.1 - Chapter 9, July 2014.
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