Real-Time Systems

Publications 2006


  • Pengpeng Ni, Damir Isovic, Gerhard Fohler, User-friendly H.264/AVC for Real-Time Browsing, ACM Multimedia 2006, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, October 2006.

  • Raphael Guerra, Luciano Bertini, J.C.B. Leite, Managing Energy and Quality of Service in Heterogeneous Server Clusters, CLEI2006 - 32nd Latin-American Conference on Informatics, Santiago, Chile, August 2006.

  • Raphael Guerra, Luciano Bertini, J.C.B. Leite, Improving Response Time and Energy Efficiency in Server Clusters, VIII Workshop de Tempo Real, Curitiba, PR, Brazil, May 2006.

  • M. Aldea, G. Bernat, I. Broster, A. Burns, R. Dobrin, J. M. Drake, Gerhard Fohler, P. Gai, M. Gonzalez Harbour, G. Guidi, J.J. Gutierrez, T. Lennvall, G. Lipari, J.M. Martinez, J.L. Medina, J.C. Palencia, M. Trimarchi, FSF: A Real-Time Scheduling Architecture Framework, IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, San Jose, California, USA, April 2006.
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