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Prof. Fohler received the IEEE TCRTS Technical Service Award

Prof. Fohler received the Technical Service Award of the Technical
Committee on Real-Time Systems of the IEEE, which recognizes outstanding
service to the real-time systems community, for establishing ECRTS as a
first-tier conference to the benefit of the real-time systems community.
This award was given only once before.

Together with the ECRTS outstanding achievements award given earlier,
the work has been recognized by two different technical committees.

ECRTS is not an IEEE conference, it actually competes with their
real-time conferences. All the more reason to express with this award
the recognition of his influence on the entire real-time community.

In 1998, what is now ECRTS used to be a workshop which was about to
vanish, when Gerhard Fohler took over as the organizing person and
scientific lead behind Euromicro’s real-time systems effort. In the
years since then, he has turned the workshop into a leading top-tier
quality conference. He was the driving force behind introducing and
implementing many innovations that have since been adopted by many other

The award was granted at RTAS 2021 - 27th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded
Technology and Applications Symposium.

A look back at the history of ECRTS can be found at


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