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Engineering based on science: the goal of engineering education in a University

The foundation

Providing a solid foundation in science and mathematics is the first must in engineering education. Imparting current state- of- the- art knowledge and skills in relevant engineering fields is next. Besides these, it is of utmost importance that an engineer is trained to acquire new skills and knowledge continuously and extend his horizon, so that he can keep pace with the changing scenarios. Finally, it is important that even during the study programme the engineer – to - be already gathers some experience of deploying the tools and knowledge he has acquired for work as an engineer.

At the Chair of Control Systems and Signal Theory we offer a basis for this training in the framework of thesis-projects (Studienarbeiten, Diplomarbeiten and Master thesis) conducted in the Chair. At the same time.are concerned with the integration of methods and perspectives gained in the projects being conducted into the regular study programme.

How do we ensure relevance to practice?

The best way to acquire knowledge and expertise in engineerinmg is to work as a project assistant simultaneously with the study. We have interesting work for project assistants which are mostly in conjunction with industrial applications. Besides gaining valuable experience and self-confidence, the project assistant also has the opportunity to belong to a a Research Group and get closely associated with senior research fellows.

Independent work.

It is is expected of a Dipl.-Ing. graduate from an University that he can take up an engineering task or a project and solve it using a modern, state of the art approach. Nowhere is this principle better achieved than in a University Chair where research is actively prusued.


All thesis-projects are guided by the Professor and the Reserch Fellows of the Chair. The Research Fellows are well qualified and interact directly with the project thesis workers. Generally they are in charge of larger long term projects of which the thesis projects are subsets.