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Project Predictive Gear Scheduling

Development and implementation of processes for the optimal strategies of gear shifting employing advance knowledge of the vehicle environment and terrain

With the increasing amount and variety of data of the environment, terrain and traffic and road conditions available, the prospects of using these data for the optimal control of the drive train of a motor vehicle in order to achieve economy of fuel consumption, lowering pollution due to emmision and increased passenger comfort become increasingly viable. Sources of these data are telematic, navigational and traffic control systems and additional sensors. The processing of these additional data makes it possible and demands new methods of control and information management. It is in the interests both of the driver and the manufacturers of the vehicles that the fuel consumption is lowered, the emmission of toxic gases is reduced and at the same time comfort is enhanced.

This leads to the necessity of exhaustive studies of the applicability, optimisation and implementation of predictive control methods for motor vehicles. Primarily the concern is automobiles with an automatic gear box. As compared to the manual shift or the Automat programme available today, the exploitation of information on environment and road conditions available in advance makes it easy for the driver to minimise fuel consumption without sacrificing comfort.

The Project has been undertaken jointly by and University of Kaiserslautern.

Various Thesis- topics are open

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