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List of 2016 publications


Abhaya Chandra Kammara, Lingaselvan Palanichamy, and Andreas König, "Multi-objective optimization and visualization for analog design automation", Complex. Intell. Syst, Springer, DOI 10.1007/s40747-016-0027-3, 2016    

Andreas König and Kittikhun Thongpull, ''Multi-spectral hand-held devices for edible oil and general food inspection'', in INFORM, April 2016, Vol. 27(4), pp. 26-29, DOI 10.21748/inform.04.2016.26, 2016

Abhaya Chandra Kammara and Andreas König, "SSDCα – Inherently robust integrated biomimetic sensor-to-spike-to-digital converter based on peripheral neural ensembles", tm - Technisches Messen. Volume 83, Issue 9, Pages 531–542, ISSN (Online) 2196-7113, ISSN (Print) 0171-8096, DOI: 10.1515/teme-2015-0119, September 2016

Michael Kohlert and Andreas König, ''Advanced multi-sensory process data analysis and on-line evaluation by innovative human-machine-based process monitoring and control for yield optimization in polymer film industry'', tm - Technisches Messen. Volume 83, Issue 9, Pages 474–483, ISSN (Online) 2196-7113, ISSN (Print) 0171-8096, DOI: 10.1515/teme-2015-0120, September 2016

Kittikhun Thongpull and Andreas König, ''Advance and case studies of the DAICOX framework for automated design of multi-sensor intelligent measurement systems'', tm - Technisches Messen. Volume 83, Issue 4, Pages 234–243, ISSN (Online) 2196-7113, ISSN (Print) 0171-8096, DOI: 10.1515/teme-2015-0117, March 2016

Abhaya Chandra Kammara, and Andreas König, Sensor Voltage to Differential Spike Time Transduction for Robust Sensor-to-Spike-to-Digital Conversion, Analog Workshop 2016, Leibniz Universität Hannover

Abhaya Chandra Kammara, and Andreas König,  Pseudo-Hierarchical Optimization Strategies for Transparent Analog Design Automation, Analog Workshop 2016, Leibniz Universität Hannover

Andreas König, ''The E-Taster-Assistance System with Multi-Spectral Lab-on-Spoon/-Fork - Mobile and Fluorescence Extension for Food & Drink Inspection'' Presentation at SpectroNet Collaboration Forum Jena 2016, 01.09.2016

Abhaya Chandra Kammara und Andreas König, Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Konditionierung und Umwandlung von Analogsignalen in Digitalsignale, Deutsche Patentanmeldung 10 2016 116 492.5, eingereicht 02. September 2016

A. König, K. Thongpull, "The E-Taster Assistance System for Nutrional Control and Food Safety" ("Das E-Taster Assistenzsystem für Ernährungskontrolle und Lebensmittelsicherheit"), poster, hall 6, C17 , CeBIT,  2016, Hannover. (Product description)

Miscellaneous reports on our work:

Joachim Hölzl, "Modulare Sensorsysteme für Echtzeit-Prozesssteuerung und smarte Zustandsbewertung", in Sensitec Sensor.Kosmos., Ausgabe 16, Mai 2016
(ISE is a partner in the named BMBF-funded MoSeS-Pro-project with the focus on Self-X-Sensor electronics and systems, see

Melanie Löw, Mit Löffel und Gabel den Lebensmittel-Panschern auf der Spur, UNISPECTRUM live, Online-Magazin der TU Kaiserslautern, 13.April, 2016

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