Chapter Cooperations


  • In the field of hardware for neural networks a cooperation between the ITG-Working Group 8.4.9: Microelectronics for Neural Networks (ITG-Fachgruppe 8.4.9: Mikroelektronik neuronaler Netze)  and the IEEE NNS German Chapter has been suggested and was approved by the ITG group during the last meeting in Heidelberg, March 29, 2004. The ITG group is a forum for neural network hardware activities since 1991 and holds technical meetings on this subject twice a year at varying host locations all over Germany. One of the objective of this cooperation is to open technical meetings to members of the IEEE NNS German Chapter as a joint activity to have a common focus on this intriguing line of research in Germany. Consequently, meeting announcement of the ITG group will be mirrored on this chapterīs Activities web page. Members of the ITG group are more than welcome to participate in the IEEE NNS German Chapter activities.