Fachgebiet Energiesysteme und Energiemanagement (ESEM)

Veröffentlichungen 2017

  • Raoofsheibani, D.; Hinkel, P.; Ostermann, M.; Wellßow, W.H.; Nemati, M.; Neisius, H.T.: Optimal Restoration of Distribution Systems with Active Participation of Volatile Renewable Generators, IEEE PowerTech, Manchester, 2017
  • Weisenstein, M.; Rui, H.; Wellßow, W.H.; Schmidt, F.; Brammer , G.; Conrad, M.: A Concept for Hierarchical Coordination of Voltage Control Applications in LV Networks, IEEE PowerTech, Manchester, 2017
  • Hinkel, P.; Ostermann, M.; Raoofsheibani, D.; W. H. Wellssow, W.H.: Modelling of Automatic Voltage Regulators of Transformers and HVDC-Droop-Control in MATPOWER. IEEE Power Tech Conference, Manchester, 2017
  • Brandalik, R.; Wäresch, D.; Wellßow, W.H.; Tu J.: Linear three-phase State Estimation for LV grids using Pseudo Measurements based on Approximate Power Distributions, CIRED, Glasgow, 2017
  • Wäresch, D.; Brandalik, R.; Wellssow, W.H. u.a.: Field Test of a Linear Three-Phase Low Voltage State Estimation System based on Smart Meter Data, CIRED, Glasgow, 2017
  • Benzarti, A.; Röhrenbeck, S.; Wellssow, W.H. u.a.: Smart Control of Heat Pumps and Thermal Storage Systems: An Approach to Support Future Distribution Grids, CIGRE Symposium, Dublin, 2017
  • Ostermann, M.; Hinkel, P.; Raoofsheibani, D.; Schneiders, C.; Wellssow, W. H.: A Minimum-Regret-Based Optimization Approach for Power System Restoration in EHV Grids. IEEE PES General Meeting, Chicago, 2017
  • Wellßow, W.H.; Weisenstein, M.; Rui, H.; Hauffe, P.; Zimmer, K.: Integration spannungsstabilisierender Applikationen in Niederspannungsnetzen, ew - Magazin für die Energiewirtschaft, Ausgabe 3, 2017
  • Nau, N.:Synthesis of domestic load curves for low voltage grid simulations, IEEE PESS, Nürnberg, 2017
  • Raoofsheibani, D.; Henschel, D.; Hinkel, P.; Ostermann, M.; Wellßow, W.H.; Spanel, U.: Quasi-Dynamic Model of VSC-HVDC Transmission Systems for an Operator Training Simulator Application, Journal of Electric Power Systems Research, In Press, Available online 31 August 2017
  • Raoofsheibani, D.; Hinkel, P.; Ostermann, M.; Röhrenbeck, S.; Wellßow, W.H.,: Residual Load Models for Power System Restoration, High Shares of Residential Thermal Loads and Volatile PV Generators, IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications, Dresden, October 2017
  • Hauffe, P.; Lang, S.; Ma, H.; Quint, I.; Sender, S.; Walcher, H.; Walcher, T.; Wehner, P.; Wellssow, W.H.; Werner, M.: A Novel Regulator for Meshed Low-Voltage Networks. ETG Kongress, Bonn, 2017
  • Gies, A.; Hinkel, P.; Ostermann, M.; Pluntke, H.; Raoofsheibani, D.; Wellssow, W.H.; Development of a 2025 operational Central European transmission system model to investigate grid restoration strategies. ETG Kongress, Bonn, 2017
  • Bauer, K.; Benzarti, A.; Gauer, T.; Hauffe, P.; Jäger, S.; Lebong, N.; Maar, K.; Maul, J.; Nasrollahi, K.; Pahn, M.; Röhrenbeck, S.; Tersluisen, A.; Wellßow, W.H.: Assisting Renewable Energy Integration by Price Based Load Shifting using Heat Pumps with Thermal Storage. ETG Kongress, Bonn, 2017
  • Lang, S.; Ma, H.; Wellssow, W.H.: Results of the Laboratory Tests of a novel Regulator for meshed Low-Voltage Networks. IEEE Conference on Intelligent Smart Grids Technologies (ISGT), Torino, 2017
  • Gutheil B.; Hanebeck C.; Huwer S.; Noe M.; Räch C; Reiser W.; Schreiner F.; Wellßow W.: Experimental Test of a Multistage Cooled Current Lead for Superconducting High Current DC Applications, designed for an Operating Current of 20 kA. 13th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (EUCAS) 2017, Geneva
  • Benzarti, A.; Hauffe, P.; Jäger, S.; Maar, K.; Maul, J.; Pahn, M.; Röhrenbeck, S.; Tersluisen, A.; Wellßow, W.H.: EE-Integration und Netzentlastung durch preisgeführte Wärmepumpen mit thermischen Speichern. 3. Dialogplattform Power-to-Heat, Berlin (2017). Cuvillier Verlag Göttingen ISBN 978-3-7369-9532-1
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