Division of Wireless Communications and Radio Positioning (WICON)

Security Assessment and Operations

SS2020 Organization:

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Course Content
    - Introduction to information security
    - Security assessment
        o Introduction to security assessment
        o Reconnaissance
        o Scanning
        o Exploitation
        o Post-exploitation
    - Security operations
        o Intrusion prevention and detection
        o Incident response
        o Standards, regulations and security policies
    - Emerging topics e.g. Industrial security, cloud security, mobile/IoT security and WiFi auditing

Competencies / Learning Results
    - Memorize and define common IT (Information Technology) security taxonomies for threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment and security operations.
    - Describe the standard methodologies for the phases reconnaissance, scanning, exploitation and post-exploitation of a security assessment.
    - Describe the standard methodologies for authentication, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, incident response and physical security in the context of security operations.
    - Develop and justify information security policies with knowledge of regulatory compliance and industry standards.
    - Identify security problems in emerging topics of the IT and OT (Operational Technology) fields.
    - Choose and use common scanning tools to discover potentially vulnerable services on a given target host.
    - Compose and apply vulnerability exploitation techniques and gain privileged access to show a host is vulnerable.
    - Analyze and reconstruct information in storage media and log files using common forensic tools
    - Summarize significant findings and write about necessary technical details to reproduce these findings

Duque Antón, Simon, Dipl.-Ing.
Fraunholz, Daniel, Dr.-Ing.
Schotten, Hans D., Prof. Dr.-Ing.

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