Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Examination Office

The official instance in charge of examinations is the Department 4.2: Examinations.

Please find all information about its location, opening hours, and contact options there.

Examination Affairs

The official examination regulations are available in German language only. Please find the documents at the specific study program websites.

A detailed overview about the examination policies is given here. Please make yourself familiar with the regulations so that you are able to carry out your studies and exams successfully.

In the following we provide a short summary of the most important regulations:

The registration period is regularly announced by the examination office. Coarse time frames are:

  • Mid of November to mid of December for the examination period in spring
  • Mid of May to mid of June for the examination period in autumn

You can find all information, the current dates, and the required registration forms here.

  • Master EIT: All examinations have to be registered for the first time in the 4th semester at the latest.
  • EMECS: Depends on your combination!

Repeating an exam is only possible if the examination failed.

If examinations fail, it is possible to repeat them twice. In case of a written examination, an additional oral examination is possible after the second repetition.

Failed examinations have to be repeated within two semesters.

If an examination of an elective module, fails the module can be changed to another elective module. Please note that the examination of the new module starts with the first repetition!

You can de-register for an exam until one week before the scheduled exam date.

Please take care of the official guidelines for exam de-registrations.

If you cannot take part in an exam due to sickness, please see here.

  • Master EIT: You have to register your master thesis until the beginning of the 6th semester at the latest. For registering the master thesis you must have at least 30 credits in your master. The time for processing the master thesis is 6 months.
  • EMECS: For registering the master thesis in Kaiserslautern you must have at least 60 credits in your master. The time for processing the master thesis is 6 months.

In case you wish to take more courses than are required for the completion of the program, you may take those courses as “extracurricular” courses. In this case, you need to inform the examiner of such a course that you wish to participate in the exam.

However, do not register for this course at the examination office! If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate (“Schein”) from the examiner that you participated successfully in the course. The certificate can be issued with or without grade according to your preferences. 

Please forward these obtained certificates to the examination office and request that these courses shall also be shown on your transcript. However, they will not count when calculating your final grade point average.

Further Information

For additional information or advise, please contact your study model advisor (for course-related issues) or our study guidance (for administrative issues). We are happy to help you!

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