Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

EIT International

EIT International is the central place to go for all professional issues related to going abroad or to international contacts in the EIT department.

We support all kinds of affairs that concern your (planned) stay abroad. In addition, we take care of international students and guest researchers and their academic affairs.

Our services

  • Support and advise prior to your application for going abroad
  • Support during the application process
  • Professional support for international students
  • Contact desk for guest researchers and international contacts


Dr.-Ing. Christian De Schryver

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


University of Kaiserslautern


Building 11, Room 320

67663 Kaiserslautern 



Phone: +49 631 205 3530

Fax: +49 631 205 2612

E-mail: schryver(at)


Office hours: by appointment

Centralized support by the ISGS

Please note: All non-subject-specific issues are handled centrally by the Department 4.4: International Affairs (ISGS). Examples are issues regarding:

  • Accommodation
  • Generic questions about the application and admission process
  • Questions about the university and the periphery
  • ...
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