Division of Electromobility


Electromobility as a key technology for a resource- and climate-friendly transportation has received considerable attention in recent years, both in industry and academia. This has led to various impulses for research and teaching.

The Electromobility Research Group takes these impulses as a basis for research and teaching on sustainable transportation.

Our view on electromobility is wide, ranging from electrification of vehicle components over innovative hybrid vehicles to pure electric vehicles and also including power supply.

Our research areas include the grid integration of and the energy management in electric and hybrid vehicles. A special focus is on electric and hybrid commercial vehicles. Besides fundamental research also applied research for evaluating the research results while regarding the technical and economical realizability is of major importance for us.

Our teaching areas include concepts of electric and hybrid vehicles as well as the related control methods. A strong connection between research and teaching as well as a high practice orientation are very important for us.

News to research and teaching can be found here.



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