Division of Energy Systems and Energy Management (ESEM)

Training Simulator

The chair for Energy Systems and Energy Management is equipped with an operator training simulator from DUtrain GmbH, where simulation of any electrical energy system from an operational viewpoint can be performed.

On the one hand, the operator training simulator is used in education as a one-week block seminar of the course Network Planning and Network Management II. The seminar covers the following areas:

  • Normal network operation and network monitoring
  • Power and Frequency Control
  • Operation in Emergency Conditions
  • Network Restoration

Training Simulator in Building 24


On the other hand, the simulator is used in research activities to investigate future operational challenges with increasing shares of renewable generation from normal to restoration states.

An artificial network model with typical voltage levels and network topologies is available at the chair of ES+EM where the students can learn the basics in grid operation. In addition, the chair of ES+EM has developed a realistic Central-Europe transmission system model with different future scenarios.

Middle European Transmission System Model

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