Division of Energy Systems and Energy Management (ESEM)

Smart Meter Test Bench

The Department of Energy Systems and Energy Management is equipped with a Smart Meter test bench, which is used to evaluate the measurement accuracy of electronical electricity meters, especially load profile meters and Smart.

The test bench is used for the investigation and verification of the measurement of network parameters. These include, for example, voltage and current magnitudes as well as voltage angles. These are not part of the official legal calibration of electricity meters. Against the background of the use of smart meters for the state estimation in low-voltage networks or future low-voltage control strategies, however, the behavior of the smart meters and their measuring accuracies must be known.

Construction and test scenarios are based on the PTB testing rules as well as on legal regulations. The used reference source by OMICRON electronics GmbH allows the test of electricity meters up to a precision class of 0.2. The special designed software with a graphical user interface makes it possible to test predefined and individual as well as customizable test scenarios. It also offers the possibility of an automated evaluation of the measurement and test data.

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