Division of Energy Systems and Energy Management (ESEM)

"Smart Grids"- Laboratory

 The Chair for Energy Systems and Energy Management is equipped with a Smart Grids Laboratory, where realistic test on equipment for low - voltage networks can be simulated.

The core is a grid simulation for radiated and meshed low voltage grids. This can be flexibly interconnected to a plurality of topologies. For the reproduction of consumers, loads of up to 150 kW active power and 75 kvar reactive power are possible. Renewable generation plants are represented with PV inverters (both 9 kVA), which are fed by special DC sources. This allows the simulation of the irradiation-dependent behavior of PV modules. All measured data from all components are recorded by appropriate measurement technology via a communication link. A modular Battery Storage System (3x 3 kVA/ 3x 3.5 kWh) complete the functionality of the lab.

The test facility was established within the framework of the research project "FLOW-R" and extended in "FLOWKONtrol". It is used to test newly developed equipment for the low-voltage grid.

In addition to the use in research projects, an assignment for student experiments and internships is planned.

The documentation can be dowload here .

Grid Simulator

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