Division of Energy Systems and Energy Management (ESEM)

Publication 1989

  • Freund, H.; Wellßow, W.H.: Planning of Distribution Networks by Computer-Aided Optimization - Requirements, State of the Art and Perspectives. UNIPEDE - Second Distribution Conference "Quality of Future Service" (1989), Lissabon
  • Müller, J.; Wellßow, W.H.: Design of Graphic-Based Interactive Software for Power System Planning Using Modern Engineering Workstations. UNIPEDE - Symposium on the Application of Advanced Software Technologies in Electricity Supply Undertakings (1989), Antwerpen
  • Brozio, A.; Klein, L.; Lotter, G.; Wellßow, W.H.: Odin - Die statische Umstrukturierung von Mittelspannungsnetzen. Elektrizitätswirtschaft 88 (1989), 116-127
  • Brozio, A.; Freund, H.; Kämmerer, U.; Klein, L.; Lotter, G.; Wellßow, W.H.: Utilization of a Graphic-Based Information System for Computer-Aided Planning of Urban Medium-Voltage Networks. International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CIRED) (1989), Brighton



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