Division of Energy Systems and Energy Management (ESEM)

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All lectures and exercises will start on April 20th, 2021 as live online events. If you would like to participate in our lectures and exercises, please note the following information:

Please register at KIS office.kis.uni-kl.de until 16.04.2021, 23:59, for the respective event.

In the morning of April 19th, 2020 you will receive an e-mail via KIS portal containing the access data for the event in OLAT. You can download the event documents as well as the schedules with the individual dates of lectures and exercises in OLAT.

Also coming with this e-mail are links for the online dates of the event. All our lectures and exercises are recorded as videos and are available in OLAT in time before the start of lectures. We ask you to watch these videos in advance of the dates and to work through the associated lecture notes. On the lecture dates we will be available live in ZOOM for your questions or further explanations. These live appointments will take place according to the schedule.

Chair for "Energy Systems and Energy Management"

Our chair for “Energy Systems and Energy Management” was found on 2011-01-01. 

We are continuing the long-time tradition of the chairs for ”Energy Supply, Energy Transmission and Power Station Technology“ (Prof. Dr. Dieter Nelles) and „High Voltage Techniques and Electromagnetic Compatibility“ (Prof. Dr. Paul Weiss), which unfortunately was interrupted for a couple of years. Both have established the good reputation of power engineering at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in the past. 

The liberalization of the energy sector and the request for preserving resources and lowering emissions have again focused public interest on electric power engineering. Because the world energy demand is still rising, this will be an actual subject for many years to come: energy-efficient and clean technologies obtain top priority in politics, industry and science. 

This opens the door for many interesting topics in our research projects and education activities. Our students will find a challenging and future-proofed field of activity for their professional career.


Our mission

Excellence in education

Reputation and innovative in research

Industry-partnership in application



The education of our students and the scientific qualification of our research staff have top priority. Other ambitions have to subordinate.

We stand for highest quality in lecturing and educational documents. We offer a comprehensive set of lectures on electrical energy systems in close cooperation with our neighboring chairs. It covers actual issues as well as a solid “classic” theoretical foundation.



Our major areas of research are based on the challenges of structural change in energy-systems. It is our intention to support within the realms of our means the ambitious targets set by the energy strategy of the German Federal Government. Our scientific reputation is based on know-how, honesty and innovative creativity.

For us it is a privilege and an obligation to be open for new concepts, for thinking out of the box while respecting technical and economical boundaries for implementation.

Last but not least our research activities should find their way into our lectures.



No research without application! To our understanding engineering is an applied science and applications are part of the verification process of research results. Therefore our co-operative contacts to industry, utilities and grid operators are essential for all our activities.

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