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Student Work

Open Projects / Closed Projects

Themes for Student Project, Diploma, Bachelor's and Master's Thesis can be found here or on our bulletin board in building 12, 4th floor.


Topics for theses and project work:

Master thesis / diploma thesis:

  • Iterative learning control and its application in building automation
  • Modeling and control of flexible manufacturing system with variable products
  • Distributed control of flexible manufacturing systems
  • Identification of interactions in biological systems 
  • Sensitivity analysis of data-driven fault detection methods 
  • Computation and simulation of semi-Markov processes and their application in safety engineering
  • Implementation and test of a MPC for switched systems on a reseach room
  • Comparison of various approaches for linear system representations of automata
  • Map-based movement prediction of traffic for highly automated cooperative vehicles (in cooperation with industry)


Bachelor thesis / student research project:

  • MPC for the model house


Project work:

  • Time series analysis of biological data
  • Comparison of identification methods for a DC Motor
  • Comparison of the current methods for the availability analysis of safety systems 
  • Dynamic coupling of different simulations/simulation environments for highly automated cooperative vehicles (in cooperation with industry)



Contact person:
If you have any question regarding theses and project work, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Raphael Fritz

Office: 12/470

Phone: 0631-205-4310

E-mail: fritzr[at]eit.uni-kl.de

Anna Nehring

Office: 12/413

Phone: 0631-205-4461

E-mail: nehring[at]eit.uni-kl.de



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