Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Fault tolerant control of discrete-event systems

In the framework of Indutry 4.0 the plants in the manufacturing industry are becoming significantly more flexible and characterized by variable topology. Such systems can be described by discrete-event systems (for instance, automata, petri-nets) conveniently. Faults in actuators, sensors or plant components lead to a reduction of the overall system performance. With the help of fault tolerant control it is possible to ensure that the system continues its operation and the impact of faults is automatically compensated. In order to improve the plant availability, new methods are being developed for the fault tolerant control of discrete-event systems.

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Master Thesis:
  • R. Fritz: Online Rekonfiguration von flexiblen Fertigungssystemen basierend auf ganzzahliger linearer Programmierung / online Reconfiguration of flexible manufacturing systems based on Integer linear programming. 2016
  • J. D. Fernández: Online Control Reconfiguration of Flexible Manufacturing Plants based on Petri Net Models. 2014
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