Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Seminar of automation

In this seminar advanced methods of automatic control and highly topical applications in industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems and internet of Things (IoT) are dealt with, for instance

  • Control and optimization
  • State estimation
  • Safety and security of automation systems
  • Reinforcement learning

Contact person:

If you have any question regarding this course, please feel free to contact Dipl.-Ing. Moritz Fauser

Objective and organisation of the seminar

In the course of this seminar, students will hold a presentation about modern topics in the field of automation. Bevor the presentation, the students work indepedently on the topic. This happens under the supervision of the tutor and is based on the introduction into scientific publications.

In addition to gaining expert knowledge, the practice of presentation techniques as well as gaining experience in handling questions in an expert discussion important elements of the seminar. These so called 'soft skills' are valuable in the course of the academic studies and for future job applications.

For the preparation and presentation as well as the regular participation in the seminar a certificate over 2 SWS or 3 credit point can be obtained. We invite all interested cordially to participate in the seminar. The number of participants is limited. The topic assignment occurs in the introducation meeting. Further information can be found in the OLAT.


  • Introductory event will take place on November 02, 2022 at 14:00 in 12-478.
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