Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

keynote speaker Dipl.-Ing. Gunther Lautenschläger / Source: Thomas Koziel

Prizes for extraordinary achievements given

the audience follows the ceremonial talk of Dipl.-Ing. Gunther Lautenschläger / Source: Thomas Koziel

some students received awards for extraordinary achievements / Source: Christian De Schryver

By tradition, all graduates from the last year have been honored for their successful completion of their studies.

The highlight this year was the keynote from Dipl.-Ing. Gunther Lautenschläger (Airbus DS). As an alumnus of our department and co-responsible person, he was giving the audience excellent insights into the challenges of the successful Rosetta mission. 

The awardees of 2016:

  • Songyang Han M.Sc. (Dr.-Günter-Uhl-Preis für „Innovative Hardware Lösungen)
  • Jan Kappa (Theo Düppre Preis der Inspektionstechnologie)
  • Philipp Roseman (Theo Düppre Preis der Inspektionstechnologie)
  • Benjamin Watkins M.Sc. (Preis der ITK Engineering für innovative regelungstechnische Lösungen)
  • Marco Weisenstein M.Sc. (Auszeichnung für hervorragende Studienabschlüsse des VDE-Bezirksverbands Kurpfalz)
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