Fachgebiet Entwurf Informationstechnischer Systeme (EIS)

Architecture of Digital Systems II


ADS2 Summer Semester 2022 is based on recordings from the WS 2020/21


For download material and further information please see the OpenOLAT page for the class. (Access information for the course is given in class.)

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This lecture discusses basic architectures of microprocessor-based digital systems as they are employed in embedded systems and systems-on-chip today. The chapters and their topics:

  • Introduction. Challenges of Embedded System design, the design flow and design methodology.
  • Microprocessor Instruction sets. Comparison of a general-purpose CPU with a digital signal processing CPU.
  • Microprocessor Interfaces. Mechanisms and infrastructures for communication within embedded systems. Interrupts, bus systems, bus hierarchies.
  • Processes and Operating Systems. Fundamentals of multi-tasking in embedded systems.
  • Multiprocessors. Basic multi-processing architectures and communication schemes. Cache coherence. Hardware multi-threading. Vector processors, SIMD instructions, Graphics Processing Units.
  • Networks and Distributed Systems. Mechanisms and infrastructures for communication between embedded systems. Examples of network protocols.

This course is taught in English.


The exercise sessions are tutored by M.Sc. Tobias Jauch.

Homework assignments can be downloaded through OpenOLAT.

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