Fachgebiet Entwurf Informationstechnischer Systeme (EIS)

Architecture of Digital Systems I


ADS1 Summer Semester 2022 is based on recordings from the WS 2020/21


For download material and further information please use OpenOLAT.

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  • Changes to lecture and exercise times are regularly published on the OpenOLAT web page of this course


This course addresses the fundamentals of computer architecture with focus on RISC processors. We will discuss

  • Data representation
    • Signed and unsigned fixed point numbers
    • Floating point numbers, IEEE 754 standard
  • Computer arithmetic
    • Algorithms
    • Sequential and parallel hardware implementations
  • Instruction set and machine language
    • Instruction set categories
    • Addressing modes
    • Assembler programming
  • Datapath and control
    • Hardware implementation of a processor
    • Control unit design, microprogramming
    • Exceptions
  • Instruction set parallelism
    • Pipelining
    • Superscalar and VLIW processors
    • Dynamic scheduling
  • Memory hierarchy
    • Caches
    • Virtual memory, page tables, TLB


The exercise sessions are tutored by Dipl.-Ing. Christian Bartsch.

Homework assignments can be downloaded through OpenOLAT (see above).


  • Patterson/Hennessy: Computer Organization and Design - The Hardware/Software-Interface, Morgan Kaufmann, 2013, EIT 860/103
  • Hennessy/Patterson: Computer Architecture - A Quantitative Approach (MIPS Edition), Morgan Kaufmann, 2021, EIT 860/104.
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