Fachgebiet Entwurf Informationstechnischer Systeme (EIS)

Class project to the lecture

Verification of Digital Systems

General Information

In this class project you will learn to develop professional code following industrial practices. Particularly,  you will develop a minimalistic C++ BDD package as the one taught in the lecture. We highly encourage building teams of two students and practice pair-programming throughout the entire project. Single person projects will only be accepted in exceptional cases. Explain your specific reasons, why you cannot team up, in a one-on-one meeting with the supervisor of the lab. He may help you to find a partner for your project.


The assignments of the class project are divided in two parts. At the end of each assignment there will be an assessment. We are going to help you with your code during the feedback sessions.

1. Part: Develop a BDD Package following a TDD (test driven development) approach

- Write the tests for the BDD package

- Implement the package in a C++ class

- Run the code against the predefined tests

2. Part: Given a benchmark:

- Run your project against the benchmarks

- Identify bottlenecks

- Improve your BDD package performance until a threshold is met

- The code of the best team will be published on our website

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