"Ambient Intelligence" (AmI) represents an "intelligent environment", which reacts in a sensitive and adaptive way to the presence of humans and objects in order to provide various services to people. It is designed for people in various situations, particularly those who work or enjoy recreation, and the elderly who live alone. The technological basis of AmI is a network of almost invisible, networked computing nodes; information is collected using various sensors, which is then processed and the environment altered accordingly.

The "Ambient Intelligence" Research Center at the University of Kaiserslautern was founded in 2003.

Interdisciplinary Research Cluster

The development of AmI systems requires new scientific knowledge in the AmI's core areas:

  • Hardware architectures
  • Sensor and actuator technology
  • Communication
  • Control engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Human machine interaction
  • Cognitive resources

as well as a large amount of interdisciplinary work that is driven by visions of what AmI systems can be used for. Besides basic research into the above areas, it is very important to develop demonstrators, which are the vehicle for the interdisciplinary work.

Scenarios and Demonstrators of the Research Cluster

Demonstrators play a central role at the AmI Research Center for the following reasons:

  • AmI is a vision-driven technology. The concrete requirements for certain AmI systems result directly from scenarios that are the basis for those visions. The scenarios are reflected in the demonstrators.
  • Co-operation is ensured due to the interdisciplinary nature of the demonstators.

The AmI Research Center emphasises three "Ambient Assisted" application domains: Training, Living and Working. For this, three demonstrators have been developed, which are not only orthogonal to each other but also ideally suited.

Ambient Assisted Training
Ambient Assisted Training (bicycle demonstrator)
The purpose of the AmI system is to optimise the training of a group of racing cyclists.
Ambient Assisted Working
Ambient Assisted Working: (AmI in industrial environment SmartFactoryKL)
This demonstrator is the first European demo factory, which is currently being engineered and constructed by a number of suppliers.

Ambient Assisted Living (2 demonstrators)

"from application to theory ":
Development of an AmI system for assisted living using today's technologies. The system will be used to investigate user perspectives (sociological co-research)

"from theory to application":
Using technology of the future, a "Care and Assistance" system is being developed using the latest technology, in accordance with the BelAmI-Project.

Further Initiatives

Besides the projects of individual members of the Research Center, who conduct their research within the above mentioned core areas, new initiatives and projects at the Research Center have also begun. For instance, while the aforementioned bicycle demonstrator is being developed in accordance with the research centre's objectives, other demonstrators, also mentioned above, are being developed by through the following initiatives:

BelAmIKL AssistedLiving SmartFactory AssistedTraining AssistedLiving SmartFactory
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Last update: 07.09.2007