Vortrag auf dem VDE Kongress in Berlin vom 18. bis 20. Oktober 2004

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Litz / TU Kaiserslautern
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wehn / TU Kaiserslautern
Dr.-Ing. Schürmann / TU Kaiserslautern

'Research Center Ambient Intelligence at the University Kaiserslautern'

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) has become a keyword for companies, research centers, universities, and for European programs in Information Technology. AmI stands for a new paradigm how to use the possibilities provided by the fast-paced development of microelectronics and how to develop the Post-PC era in such a way that an enhanced quality of life for human beings results. One year ago the research center 'Ambient Intelligence' was founded at the University of Kaiserslautern and started work with an interdisciplinary group of researchers out of five different faculties. They define the Kaiserslautern way of AmI which is demonstrated in this article.

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